Biona Pomegranate Hearts

pomegranate hearts

Free from: soy, gluten, nuts, palm oil

These tiny pomegranate gummy sweets are super juicy and absolutely delicious! I seriously struggled to put the packet down once I started.

They look like any other gummy candy, though when you crack open the packet and dive in you may notice that they feel a little moist to touch, which can get a bit sticky. If you aren’t a massive sweet tooth you may want to take it slow as they are quite intense on sweetness (though who can really say that’s a bad thing???) but they are seriously juicy sweets and the pomegranate flavour is perfect.

You could easily feed this to an omni without them realising it’s a *GASP* VEGAN (!!!) sweet. I know because every single person at the table wanted to try one… same effect as opening a pack of Percy Pigs. I know I’m biased but is the lack of gelatine in gummy sweets ever really going to be a noticeable difference?

Price-wise these bad boys are, like most vegan sweet treats, EXPENSIVE AF. I was lucky enough to nab some as a gift to try them out, but they will cost you about £1.80 for a 75g pack (the price varies depending on retailer) and can be found widely online from sites including Vegan Town, Planet Organic, and Holland and Barrett.

Overall, it’s hard to fault these tasty heart-shaped treats. Being a student the price does pinch so I knocked a small amount off for that, but all in all they are a really fab product and worth the pennies!

  • My Rating:              4.5/5
  • Omnivore Score:      5/5
  • Overall:                      5/5

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