Pulled Oumph!

Contains: Soya

Free from: Wheat, Palm Oil, nuts

So this is even more ambiguous than your run of the mill vegan fast food (whether it be “strips” or “bits” or “chunks”)… This is just pulled Oumph. As someone who’s pulled their Oumph plenty of times throughout their early teens, I sure fucking hope this is different. ANYWAY, it’s one of a few of Oumph!’s frozen options to hit the supermarket shelves and at £2 a pack (typically does two meals or one if you lack self control like we do at JFP) I had to give it a try.

First things first: picture pulled pork in your mind. What do you think? Maybe some saucy sweetness, some stringy and shredded chunks of flesh? Well, as you can see from the above images it’s abso-fuckin-lutely not what Oumph provides us… Or is it?

I was SHOCKED when I first brought out what appeared to be frozen balls of ketchup and tofu but then I started cooking it. Give it a few minutes and before long you’re drooling at the good ol’ smell of smokey BBQ. As the Oumph thaws, it looks less like sad KFC reject and more like the classic pulled goodness you just wanna shove in your mouth. 10/10 for smells and sights. Would recommend to a friend.

Texture is there too. It’s exactly what you want from pulled something. Fine and chunky in all the right places (I’m not frustrated, I promise) with just enough “bite” to make you really wonder if you grabbed the right pack from the frozen section. It’s not grainy, it’s not some clear vegetable substitute. The sauce is a bit much so it CAN feel a bit gloopy but honestly? Ithought I’d fucked up here but no, it’s all plant based, my pals, but you wouldn’t know it even if I told you.

The taste? Just as spot on. Welllll… Maybe the BBQ is a little strong (it is all you can smell) and maybe the “meat” is a bit bland by comparison, but am I complaining? Absolutely not. Together they somehow work and whilst it might be a bit overpowering on its own, chuck that shit in a sandwich and say goodbye to your bank account and waistline.

Scores speak for themselves, my pals.

  • My rating: 5/5
  • Omnivore score: 4/5
  • Overall score: 4.5/5

Available at: Tescos

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