Sainsbury’s Deliciously Freefrom Chocolate Chip Cookies

s choc chip cookie

Contains: Palm Oil, Soy

Free from: Gluten, Nuts

What’s the most American thing you can imagine? Other than state sanctioned police brutality, gun fanaticism and capitalism on steroids, it’s got to be the honest-to-goodness chocolate chip cookie. Not the soft cookies we in the UK tend to love but the Chips Ahoy style, Girl Scout cookie. A good buy at £1.30 per pack but be prepared to stock up as they are definitely moreish.

If you’ve been looking for the classic style cookie then look no further. As soon as you open it up you get that light cookie aroma and you can visibly see how crumbly they are. There’s also visibly large chunks of chocolate in there too, large enough so that you’re not worried about them being raisins – a cookie you can trust. One bite and you’ll instantly notice that whilst they are dry, they’re not too dry. They crumble nicely and the chocolate adds a certain amount of moisture that it’s almost like eating a butter biscuit.

Textured almost perfectly in appearance and mouthfeel, it mostly comes down to taste. Sainsbury’s have definitely nailed it. It’s all you’d want from a cookie and more, plus with its price tag? They definitely rank highly for me. I’d suggest that anyone, vegan and non-vegan alike give them a shot.

  • My Rating: 4/5
  • Omnivore Score: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5

Find this product at: Sainsburys

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