Almond Dream Salted Caramel Ice Cream

almond dream tub

Contains: nuts, soy

Free from: gluten, palm oil

This shit right here is the goddamn tits.

Seriously, holy fuck.

Salted caramel wouldn’t have been my first choice of flavour back in my non-vegan days but good GOD Almond Dream knocked it out of the park with this little tub of (cripplingly expensive) heaven.

If you’re like me and the coconut icecreams don’t really float your boat, then you need to seriously consider trying this instead. It is creamy and smooth with a real punch of that classic rich caramel flavour; though sometimes the vein of caramel that runs through it seems to be concentrated at the bottom of the tub. I like to view this as justification for eating an entire tub in one sitting.

But if “grab spoon” isn’t inventive enough for you, here are some serving suggestions:

salted caramel almond dream2

Pair it with molten chocolate cake and strawberries. Some say this emulates dying and going to heaven.

 salted caramel almond dream

Make yourself a kick-ass sundae with chocolate chips, sprinkles, and Choc Shot drizzle.

I don’t want to be dramatic and say I feel personally victimised by the fact that one tub will cost between £4 and £5… but I do. STOP TRYING TO KEEP US APART.

Butttt seeing as I buy it whenever it is on offer as a “well done for doing life” kinda treat, the price doesn’t get me down too much….

Can I give this thing a six? It deserves a six.


  • My Rating: 5/5
  • Omnivore Score: 5/5
  • Overall: 5/5

Find this product at: Most supermarkets (Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda) and some online vegan stores.

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