Tesco’s Chocolate and Hazelnut Churros


Contains: Gluten, Nuts

Free from: Palm Oil, Soy

A favourite at festivals and fairs, nothing beats the warmth of a chocolate churro and for £2 you can have 12 mini ones in the freezer. Currently one of the only churro options available, these quick-fix puddings are a Tesco exclusive that can be found in the frozen section.

Crunchy yet doughy, hard on the outside and soft on the in. These are the typical textures I associate with the churro and something that Tesco’s own has undoubtedly satisfied for me. They’re golden brown and ridged for your pleasure; this product ticks all the boxes for appearance except one: their size. Sure, they’re definitely mini and the small doughnut torpedoes leave you wishing there was simply more of it.

churro edit



Trying the churro in it’s purest form (plain), I found it rich, warm and having that slight doughy-yet-crunchy quality that really ties it all together. A huge bonus here is that cinnamon sugar comes included. It’s always a great companion for these treats and in this case they compliment the flavours and textures perfectly. The other typical accompaniment for a churro is chocolate sauce, and here lies my one qualm. There’s a lot less churro “body” as the centre is filled out with “chocolate sauce”. It wasn’t the same as the thick, rich drizzle I’d used. Instead, it was as if chocolate had existed there at some point but recently vacated the space, leaving behind a thin coating of chocolate and sadness. Adding your own on top undoubtedly helps.


I’d say it definitely passes on the omnivore question. It’s crunchy and rich enough to earn a high rating from me but its size and its lack of actual chocolate centre is a bit of a disappointment. Using the cinnamon sugar provided also helps bump its score, and I wouldn’t hold back on using it. Melting your own chocolate sauce to dunk or drizzle is definitely a recommendation. To sum up, Tesco have produced a great freezer filler here for a great price, though my issue with the size and sauciness means it’ll be an irregular buy.

  • My Rating: 3/5
  • Omnivore Score: 5/5
  • Overall: 4/5

Find this product at: Tesco’s

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