Linda McCartney’s Chorizo and Red Pepper Sausages



Contains: Soy, Gluten

Free from: Nuts, Palm Oil

These aren’t your everyday bratwursts or Cumberlands but as any vegan/vegetarian knows: Linda McCartney is the queen of sausage. There’s a few products in their sausage range and one benefit is their availability as you’ll find these in any major supermarket at around £1.90 for a 6-pack of franks – much cheaper than the meaty alternative.


As far as sausages go, one of the things you notice immediately is the texture. These won’t leave you with the typical “burnt crust” that you’d get on a meaty sausage but they definitely brown up well and give the great sausage smell you expect when cooking. These tanned veggie-wursts also have a somewhat grainy look to them but still very appetising. There’s definitely a good chunkiness to these though they do have a tendency to break apart slightly. One of the things that really brings this product together is their moisture, leaving you with a great juicy and flavour-filled bite. In terms of taste, these have a slight caramelised onion taste, a touch of spice but a great peppery kick to them – exactly what you’d expect. All of the above gives the sausages a high ranking from me.

The big question for any meat replacement: Could you feed this to an omnivore? The sheer tastiness of the chorizo-esque sausages alone is enough for me to say yes. In fact, I would rank these above the typical chipolata. You could slide these into any regular sausage meal (or have them alone) and they’d fit right in. That said, there’s a definite difference. They’re much more bitty than a meat sausage and they don’t have the “skin” that you’d typically find on one either. If these wound up in your bangers and mash you’d know but I guarantee you wouldn’t complain.

To sum up – Linda McCartney has lived up to its reputation for delicious meat replacements. Juicy, delectable and simply ideal for your sausage needs. Their value for money and easiness to cook combined with their taste definitely gives it a high score from me.

  • My Rating: 5/5
  • Omnivore Score: 3/5
  • Overall: 4/5

Find this product at: Tescos, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrisons. Prices may vary.

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