Who the f*** are we?

Welcome to The JunkFood Punks! We’re here to eat vegan food and tell you what’s up.

Follow us in our search for the best munch the UK has to offer us dietary anarchists, covering everything from chocolate bars to ready meals. We even rate the food we taste test with an “omnivore score” to give you an idea of how it stacks up against “mainstream” grub (a.k.a the “would it trick your friends who are weirded out by vegan shit” score).

Let us introduce ourselves…

G… The expert on pies, crisps, and all things cheesy.

  • Likes: feminism, roller derby, drinking tea
  • Dislikes: mornings, coffee, avocados
  • Would fling into the depths of hell: nut roasts

Ryan… The king of sweet treats – he even used to make his own chocolate (what a nerd)

  • Likes: coffee, hummus, running
  • Dislikes: being woken up, horses
  • Would fling into the depths of hell: nightclubs

Thanks for checking us out. Give us a like on Facebook, share our page, and don’t take orders from any body.

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